About Us

Koh Tao ProVideo was officially formed in 2009 by Elliott - a BSAC / SSI / PADI Master Instructor and experienced video producer. After years of working with most of the other videographers on Koh Tao we wanted to create a new type of training program with an emphasis on treating each student as individuals, as well as encouraging creativity and new ideas on every project.

Lee - an SSI Divemaster and Tec Diver, went through the training program and joined the team full-time for 3 years. He then worked in Malta for 5 years as a professional underwater photographer and videographer, before coming back to Koh Tao to manage the Koh Tao ProVideo training courses.

Why Are We Different?

Koh Tao ProVideo is proud to be different from other video training companies. Set up by videographers for videographers, we have taken all our experience of what people do right and wrong with underwater filming and created a new training and working cooperative. All our courses have a key outline to cover every training aspect, but we tailor every class to fit each students level of experience and goals.

Our new Sairee office is dedicated to creative video production and training. Open whenever people want to work and fitted with high end custom built workstations, editing and training is done in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Air conditioning and dedicated high speed internet make it easy for everyone to take a break whenever they want or just hang out and share ideas.

What We Do Right...

We encourage every student and staff member to feel free to experiment with any style and idea that excites them. We don't force people to use our music and our format. By all means use our experience and library as a reference but we want you to discover your own creativity. Our team will be there every step of the way to help you and lend a hand but we want you to find your own style. At the end of the day if the customers like what you do and buy the movie then who are we to tell you how you should make your videos, but if you want any assistance then we are right there for you.

Just because you have finished your training does not mean we won't help you any more. From additional training updates to equipment recommendations we are always just a phone call or e-mail away.

We are not interested in squeezing every last penny out of you. In fact we would prefer that you have the best equipment that you can afford. With this in mind all trainees and staff can get new dive equipment through us at up to 40% off the retail price.

Unfortunately some companies have a bad reputation for rushing diving professionals through their training as quickly as possible with little concern for safety and competence. We make sure you have all the necessary diving skills and equipment to do your job properly and safely, and if you need any extra help we are always right behind you.

Koh Tao ProVideo is a team and a family that support each other. There is no boss, there are no 'employees', were are one team. Everyone gets paid for whatever work they do and people are free to work as often or as little as they would like. All company profits are shared back into the business and long term staff can enjoy discounts on; wet-suits, equipment, servicing (regs, dive computer, camera + housing) and bonuses for busy months.

What We Don't Do...

We don't take credit for other peoples work. We don't rush people who are not ready to finish or to move up a level - if you need more time or practice we will do it. We don't make promises we can't keep and we don't charge people for things they haven't done.

For every job we have a standby videographer and spare equipment on call, if someone is sick or there is an equipment problem we have a backup ready in minutes. We work hard to not let our clients down with bad organisation and unreliable staff.

Video production can use a lot of time and expensive equipment to be done well, but we want everyone to have a chance to own a copy of their own movie. Koh Tao ProVideo has pioneered a 'fair price group pricing' policy which makes it easier for every student to take home their own copy. We never forget that the people we film are experiencing the magic and excitement of diving for the first time. Every finished job is kept indefinitely and can be resent to ex-customers at any time in the future.

Our Equipment

At Koh Tao ProVideo we want our trainees to get as much experience with as wide a range of camera types, video formats, and housing configurations as possible. Our housings include Salted Line and Seafrogs, and cameras include a selection of the industry leading Sony Alpha and RX range. We also use wide-angle wet lenses from AOI and Weefine, along with INON and Sea&Sea photography strobes

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Sea Frogs Underwater Camera Housings Cases and Accessories
Salted Line Underwater Camera Housings Cases and Accessories
Sony Electronics Cameras and Lenses
A O I underwater camera lenses housings cases and accessories
INON underwater strobes flashes lights lenses and accessories
Weefine underwater strobes flashes lights lenses and accessories

Our Facilities

Our custom built editing suite has recently been finished and is where we teach editing, theory and equipment maintenance, and where our staff edit videos and photos using our high end PC's and laptops

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WhatsApp: (+66) 08 3388 5648
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