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Koh Tao PROvideo professional videography training on Koh Tao Thailand

Koh Tao has been a great experience, I'm going to come home with my Open Water, Advanced, and Rescue diver PADI qualifications as well as being a professional certified videographer.

I think I've gained some really good skills which i can now take with me to film school, and I want to thank my instructors and videography teachers who stayed patient with me through thick and thin and for giving me a solid foundation which i hope to be able to build on in the future.


Doing the videography course after my divemaster has really helped me explore another side of diving, I really love the independence of filming individually and then getting to edit my work to create a final piece.

I first got interested in filming during my A levels where I studied Drama, Photography and Media Studies. I then came to Koh Tao to do my divemaster, and it encouraged me to do the videography course which is the best thing I have ever done. I just want to say thank you to the team for having so much patience, helping me, and making the course so much fun!

Marie-Cécile Murphy
  Larlie-Minty Meyer

Not knowing what sector of the dive industry I wanted to pursue I was persuaded to try underwater videography.

I did my training with Koh Tao ProVideo and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. I learned such an incredible amount of knowledge during my time with Elliott that not four months after my training was over, myself and Jen were able to confidently start our own videography company on the other side of the world. We have been in business for about a year now and plan on many more in the future.

None of this would have been possible had it not been for Elliott"s expertise and patience with us. We still keep in touch constantly and are always keeping each other updated on tech stuff and laughs. If you are looking to enlighten your future, you only need to make one choice, go to Koh Tao ProVideo, you will not regret it. 


I started the videography training with Koh Tao ProVideo after completing my Divemaster training. I had some reservations about the course as I can fully admit I am not 'artsy' in the least!

Elliott was very patient with me, I was able to do loads of training dives with the cameras and spend extra time editing to find my own style.

Underwater videography is a great way to make a living in the diving industry.

Michael McLaughlin

Jennifer Sharp



I visited Koh Tao to do my open water course and totally fell in love with diving. I remember watching the videographer filming me during the course and thinking what a totally amazing job that would be and it became a dream of mine.

I left Koh Tao a month after and attempted to travel around the world, but this itch just needed to be scratched. So I came back, studied my way up to divemaster, and took the videography course with Koh Tao ProVideo.

Elliott trained me up and then encouraged me to feel free to use my own ideas, style and music so my video's have a 'Jill' stamp. All the people we work with are really nice and I always feel excited about my work.


I loved working at Koh Tao ProVideo. With the flexible hours and comfortable editing office away from crowded Sairee I was able to be as creative as I wanted with my videos.

After working with other video companies on the island I can say with no doubt that Koh Tao ProVideo are the best in the business for everything; from support to equipment quality, as well as being both fun and professional.

Working as a videographer definitely enriched my life, and the team at Koh Tao ProVideo were like family to me. I can't wait to come back!


Jill Castle

Guernsey, Channel Islands


Gene Giraudeau

South Africa


When I started my course with Koh Tao ProVideo I had just finished my Dive Master. I wanted a new challenge with diving that could lead to an awesome career.

I have never had much to do with computers and Video Cameras so a lot of the editing and theory was all new to me. But, like many things in life, you're only as good as your teacher. I found that it didn't matter if picked things up on the first day, they had plenty of time and experience to show me the right way.

I got the chance to film some students on their dives and was able to edit all the footage with whatever style/music I wanted. The biggest rush. I was really nervous to see the response but there was no better feeling when they gave it a round of applause at the end. That reward was better then any job I've ever had.

Needless to say, the course was one of the best things I've done with myself. I hope to continue making DVD's of my dive trips and other travels. It's a skill that once you have it, you can take it anywhere.

Elliott and Francesca are some of the most easy-going Instructors and Teachers I have come across. Even with my loud crazy personality they still managed to transfer that into my work. They taught me so much in the water and out and I would recommend anyone thinking about doing the course to give it ago.


Duiken, videografie, een tropisch paradijs en leuke mensen, Koh Tao in de dop. Leren duiken is de skills opdoen om een mysterieuze (tropische) onderwaterwereld te verkennen, een fantastische ervaring. Deze onderwaterwereld, haar bewoners en bezoekers vastleggen is een heerlijk toetje.

Het stond voor mij dus vast, dat ik naast professioneel leren duiken, ook videografie onder de knie wilde krijgen. Naast een overvloed aan duikscholen, zijn kwalitatief goede video-opleidingen dun gezaaid, maar Koh Tao ProVideo behoort tot de top.

Deskundig begeleid door Elliott, heb ik met veel plezier de opleiding gevolgd, enkele steekwoorden:
- Creatief
- Goede atmosfeer
- Uitstekende video en edit apparatuur
- Een "live" omgeving met echte klanten en producten
- Inzicht in techniek(en) en methodes
- Eerlijk - Perfectioneren van je duikskills

Kortom een plezierige ervaring die ook nog wat oplevert. Na het afronden ben ik niet alleen een professionele duiker, die creatieve video's kan produceren. Ik ben ook een duiker met betere skills (drijfvermogen) en binnen de duikindustrie breder inzetbaar, dus aantrekkelijker als werknemer.

Adrian Cole



Stefan Faasen



My videography internship with Koh Tao ProVideo was a fantastic way to spend my holiday in Thailand: unlimited diving, beautiful weather, delicious food and a professional diving qualification to top it all off.

After my 2 weeks of training, I was ready to begin filming Open Water students and start earning some money. One of the best things about the course was that I could go at my own pace and choose when to work. No rush. No pressure.

During my 2 month internship, my diving skills improved and I am now a more confident and experienced diver. The filming and editing techniques that I learned have become very useful skills, and I will certainly make use of them in the future.


My experience was stunning. Starting with a whale-shark on my very first day of camera training, was lucky of course, but none the less amazing and unforgettable.

Years of experience in videography combined with all the experience as a dive-instructor make Elliot a very good and patient teacher. I felt in good hands in the water and the office alike because we could spare the stupid bullcrap and get to work whilst having a lotta fun.

One of the best places I ever worked at, for sure!

Daniel Mathie



David Tausch



Everyone at Koh Tao ProVideo are really friendly and helpful, for ages after I had finished my training I was still welcome to go over to their office and hang out.

I have since become a technical diving instructor in Mexico and still get help and advice on new skills, techniques and equipment from the team back on Koh Tao.

Thanks to my video training I can now share my tech diving adventures with the world online.


I was trained up and within a month I was videoing new open water divers, editing the footage with my own style that i was encouraged to develop and selling them the DVD over a beer later that evening.

The whole experience was one that I will not forget, making new friends, learning a lot about videography, even more about diving and even learning some tips on making clay pots from Elliott!

Daniel Frampton



Hamish Laybourne



Honestly, I've always been terrified of the sea. Amazed – but terrified, to the point where I didn't even dare to go in the water.

When I came to Koh Tao I realized that it might be time to conquer my fear of the ocean. I learnt to scuba dive, and instantly the fear was gone. The beauty beneath the surface made me want to stay underwater forever.

I wanted to share what I had seen with everyone, and what better way to do that, than to bring a camera and film it. I took the videography course with Koh Tao ProVideo and loved every moment of it.

I can't imagine a better job in the world, so I decided to leave everything back home and come back and do it as a career.


The course is lots of fun and I have learnt so much, not withstanding the 100% improvement of my buoyancy skills!

The other videographers, Nicky, Axelle and Bella have extended every courtesy providing us with feedback and tips and tricks on how to be better videographers.

It's also fantastic to work with other students too as it provides the opportunity to throw ideas off each other and although we will all go on the same dive, and film similar things - our final videos are all very different.

The course is clearly set out, and there is no stress, as Elliott provides the perfect environment for students to develop their skills.

Isabella Hartmann



Cindy Smith


I loved everything about training to become a professional underwater videographer.

I was taught by the best that's why I can't thank you guys enough for what you taught me.

Honestly the most rewarding course I've ever done. I'll definitely be back one day!


Decidí hacer el curso de videógrafa por que quería hacer algo creativo y bucear al mismo tiempo. ProVideo es una escuela genial, y los profes son super amables.

La escuela tiene una atmósfera de puertas abiertas, donde se reúnen los videográfos para aprender, trabajar o simplemente pasar un rato en compañía de gente genial.

Desde que hice el curso, he estado trabajando como videógrafa y es la mejor manera de ganarse la vida!

Chris Mack

Hong Kong


Natalia Ulla




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